January 22, 2016


We're expecting a terrible blizzard this weekend. It has actually started - began to snow a couple of hours ago and is steadily accumulating. We went grocery shopping a couple of days ago to prepare -- although preparing for an emergency always seem to include lots and lots of junk food. Oops. 

I think we are expected to get 12+ inches of snow and an additional 8-12 inches tomorrow. We'll be knee deep for sure. 

We plan on getting snuggly under our heat blankets tonight and tomorrow we hope to build a snowman and romp around in the snow. I think Nala, our current guest dog, will have a blast {we went out for a little bit today and she ran around like she was in doggy Disney World}. Piri too, hopefully. 

For anyone else experiencing the blizzard, please stay warm and safe. 

Among other things, please have handy emergency information and phone numbers, including a number to call if you happen to see homeless people {for Fairfax County - 703-691-2131}. And considering your safety always, please also help homeless animals as well. Oh, I can't bear the thought of them having to keep shelter in these weather conditions. 

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