January 24, 2016

Digging ourselves out


We are in knee-deep, no thigh-deep in snow. I think our area logged around 30 inches. It's been crazy these past two days but this morning we woke up and the snow stopped coming down and the sun was out. We shoveled and the dogs played in the snow and we've been eating a bit too much junk food than normally but, hey, that's what blizzards are for right? Junk food! 

I took a bunch of photos of the snow, well no.. dogs playing in the snow, which I'll probably spam share tomorrow on the blog, but in the meantime here is a picture of Nala and Piri channeling their inner snow bunny.

We're getting ready for some warm dinner and then we're breaking out normal bed time to watch the X-Files premiere. Oh my gee! I can't wait! 

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