January 29, 2016

January Loot Pets: Invasion

So you know, for a long time I wanted to try out a subscription box for Piri but never did end up getting them because Piri is restricted in what he can eat in terms of treats and snacks {needs to be low in protein -- and forget about chews}, and most of the subscription boxes seem to come with a couple of snacks inside each box. 

Then I saw something called Loot Pets and I immediately wanted to try it out. Geeky subscription box for geeky pets! And the January theme was invasion and included The X-Files, my favorite {next to The West Wing. Who's with me?!}. 

Piri got his box a few days ago and it included: 

 // X-Files t-shirt 
 // Pet tag in the shape of a flying bone-shaped saucer
 // Battlestar Galactica Silicone Flying Disc
 // Space Invaders Pet Leash 
 // Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps

The box also includes a Loot Pets magazine. 

Obviously, I love that shirt and he'll be wearing it while we watch the rest of The X-Files reboot. I have too many things on Piri's collar for that pet tag, but still cute nonetheless. The flying disc toy will be great for some of our younger guest dogs who come to Piri's Place/DogVacay as fabric and fleece toys don't seem to have a chance {plus stuffing everywhere...}. Leash will definitely come in handy. And the sweet potato treat is low enough in protein for Piri to eat. He hasn't had it yet though {his appetite has been in and out lately} but he does smell the bag out of interest. We are saving it for the day when he his appetite is ready for them. We also look forward to sharing with our guest dogs {with permission from their owners first, of course!}

I had originally planned on getting just one box {seriously just because of The X-Files} but then the February theme was announced -- dead. And it will include something from The Walking Dead theme {one of Yangkyu's favorite}. So, we'll be sticking with this subscription for one more month. 

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! 

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