January 15, 2016

New prints + the weekend

We put up new shelving right above our bed. Yangkyu and I have been disagreeing about whether to put it up for months - I wanted them and he didn't. He thought he would always bang his head on them every morning. Oy. 

But in the end we picked up a board {7 ft. but I wish we had gone a little longer} from The Home Depot, cut it in half, and put them up. I'm planning on putting a punch of pictured frames on our new shelving. When Yangkyu realized that was my plan he said he was afraid that we would have an earthquake and the frames would fall on us and crack. Double oy. 

I do have to say, earthquakes are not common here but we did have a "major" one a few years back. I was in Los Angeles for work and Yangkyu was in his old workplace, which was located in Tysons Corner in Virginia. He said the earth quake felt big enough and scary enough for him to go under his desk for safety. I won't oy him here. 

Anyway, we have new shelves. And we got new prints in the mail the other day. I ordered them through Artifact Uprising - their Ultra Thick Signature Prints (11x14). I chose my favorite photo of Piri with a really terrible flower crown I made him a couple of years back and one of Piri and Yangkyu from Virginia Beach. Theprints are gorgeous but they did have slight dents on the bottom when I took them out of their packaging. I wrestled with the idea of sending Artifact Uprising an email to see if I can get new prints but in the end I decided not to. I'll be framing them and the dents will be covered. And Artifact Uprising included a note about how they stand behind their work and are willing work with people who are not happy with the quality of their order. That little note was enough for me to trust them.

I'll be picking up frames in a few days. And I also am planning on ordering a few more prints. There are also a bunch of old family photos I need to sort through and pick to frame as well.  

I love pictures. New and old. 

What are you doing over the weekend? It's going to be a slow one for us. I never got around to the DIY I was talking about last Friday so hopefully I can get my hands busy tomorrow. 

Just a few links to kick off the weekend, if you'd like to stick around for them.

Happy weekend!'\

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