January 25, 2016

Our weekend with Jonas

I can't remember the last time I experienced this much snow. We weren't yet in the DC area when the 2010 storm hit, so maybe around 9 years ago in Rego Park? Piri went crazy in the snow and I have a faint memory of finding our car parked out in the street, buried. We made snow angels and built a snowman. 

I went to college in Syracuse, NY, and winters and snow storms were brutal. It's like... you'll be walking to class and by the time you make it to your building you look like a snowman. And they never canceled classes. Ever. 

Even with these memories of snow storm experiences, I feel like Jonas, as they call this blizzard, was the worst I've experienced. 

It's like you shovel but realize a couple of hours later the snow has accumulated at an alarmingly rapid rate and makes you feel like all the work you've done was for nothing, your car just looks like a big lump of snow and you kind of wonder if you didn't take this blizzard so seriously and worry if you didn't buy enough food {mainly junk food} to last you through the worst of it. 

Thankfully though, by yesterday the snow stopped, people were out and about shoveling {even our wonderful neighbors who cleared away the fire hydrant - you are awesome!} and the sun was out. 

The sun is out today. We got our driveway all cleared up and Yangkyu was able to take the car for a super short drive just within our street. This is very hopeful because we did indeed sort of run out of {junk} food.

For the past three days, Piri and Nala were able to enjoy the snow. Piri used to love playing in the snow but not so much now, just a little. Although after a few minutes he asked to go back inside. But Nala, she went completely bonkers - trying to eat the snow that was coming down, jumping on top of piles of snow, snow surfing, running and sliding. It's like she is part Westie and part snow bunny.

We may go out again today or tomorrow and make ourselves a snowman. There isn't much room now as our backyard just has a short path and a small clearing {Yangkyu said that's the dogs' bathroom} and the rest is just piles and piles of snow. 

Yangkyu is working from home today and I'm trying to get back on schedule with things - kind of hard when everyone else is on snow day schedule. 

Anyway, if you like snow and dogs, then this is definitely a post for you. Hope you enjoy some snippets from our weekend with Jonas.

  // LOL - don't mind Yangkyu's pants. It's actually mine and my sister-in-law gifted it to me for Christmas. We found that it didn't get as wet, or feel as wet, and so Yangkyu put it on while shoveling. // 

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