February 1, 2016

Hello Monday

We currently don't have any Piri's Place/DogVacay bookings this week and so as of right now it looks like I will get this entire week off. 

Last week we had about three days when we didn't have guest dogs but those days were spent at the cardiologist for Piri, vet's office, errands and then cleaning the entire house (6 hours of cleaning!) and so it didn't really feel like break. Then we had guest dogs over the weekend and so this week it's really off time for all of us, including Piri. 

I started to knit, a hat. On double pointed needles. It didn't turn out well and I started over a couple of times and then gave up altogether. I realized that I don't have the right circular needles to knit the hat I want and so I've been kind of at a standstill {I can just buy the needles but we spent so much money in January that I've been waiting for a new month to start buying things again}. 

I bought some fleece fabric the other day. The lady who was cutting my fabric asked if I was making a blanket. I said "Oh no. Actually a doggy scarf." She thought that was pretty cute. In my head the doggy scarf looks perfect, but I am not too sure how it will turn out. We will just have to see. 

Our refrigerator is full with lots of vegetables that need to be washed, cut and prepared. Our meal planning looks good this week and we kind of look forward to having some spicy braised mackerel.

I've had so much junk food these past two weeks {I blame the blizzard and Aunt Flo} that I'm looking forward to getting back to eating well again. 

The snow has melted away significantly and I can't wait until garbage days this week because ours are about to explode {which sort of made me think about how much waste we produce}.

We are having awesomely warm weather. I hope it continues to help melt away the snow and clear the sidewalks so I can go running away real soon.

We did a little rearranging in the house and moved my seamless white paper that I use for taking pictures upstairs in Yangkyu's office. That room gets so much natural light that it only made sense to put it back in there {we had originally taken it out because the mount didn't fit above our closet doors which was right next to the window. The seamless paper isn't next to a window now and I'm sure I'll have fun trying to play with shadows but we'll manage.. somehow.. don't we always?}

But first, I need another cup of coffee. 

Have a good week friends! 

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