March 19, 2016


Today Piri celebrated his 17th birthday with Izzy, Hank, Sydney and Summer, his guest dog friends.  

He slept most of the day but got up at 4 pm. Upon his waking up, we had a little celebration. And despite not having that much of an appetite, he finished half of his sweet potato and chicken birthday cake I made him. He also ate all his dinner -- K/D food mixed with a little bit of Weruva. He skipped his medicine this morning but ate it in the evening along with all his supplements. 

This all basically means that it was a fantastic day in terms of his appetite. 

We also gave him his Sub-Q fluids at home for the first time. We learned how to do it from Steven, possibly the awesomest vet tech ever, a few nights ago. Yangkyu did the poking while I squeezed the bag to get the fluid out faster. Since it was our first time doing it alone, we fumbled a little and had to poke him twice {and he yelped a little in pain and discomfort}, Piri was patient with us and we got all 300 ml of liquid inside him. It was nice to give it to him in the comfort of his bed instead of the scary vet's office, which he hates. 

We are incredibly lucky to be celebrating 17 years of his life. Thank you Piri for being so resilient and working through all the tough times. 

Happy happy happy birthday. 

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