March 1, 2016

Backyard BBQ

This past Sunday was a gorgeous 60 degrees. Perfect weather for a BBQ cookout with Piri and friends. 

We dusted off our patio furniture cover and got our tiny grill going and had such a grand time conversing and eating. 

In the past, Piri usually went nuts and begged for a piece of meat. He never tired and was relentless. But this time around it was very noticeable that he was too old for that. So he rested, looked on and fell asleep. I know he can't have pork but I still grabbed a tiny slice and mixed it in with the rest of his food. He liked it. 

I think one of the most grateful things about having Yangkyu's friends visit was how accomodating they were to Piri. I don't like leaving him home alone now as he pants and waits by the window until we come back home. The lump in his mouth has grown significantly and hangs out on the side of his mouth when he is stressed. I don't like to put him in that position if I don't absolutely need to go out without him and they were all cool about it. But of course I felt bad and told them that for dinner Saturday night they should all go out to eat and they can just bring me take out. Instead, they all opted for take out to eat at home so no one was left out. And they always took turns petting Piri and giving him attention. 

I don't think Yangkyu wanted his friends to leave on Sunday. But there is always a next time for a gathering like this. 

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