March 10, 2016

In the kitchen: Ponytail Kimchi

We made Ponytail Kimchi the other day. Well, no. Yangkyu made it. It turned out delicious. And he let me have a little taste by wrapping the long green tail around the radish and popping it in my mouth. That brought back all sort of childhood memories because that was really the best part about growing up and watching my mom make all types of kimchi. The part where she wraps a little piece into a bite sized one {making sure to take the extra sauce off because I couldn't eat spicy things, including kimchi, until college} and popped one in my mouth {all Korean moms do this btw. It's just part of the process of kimchi making, I think. Heh.}. She even made a "o" shape with her own mouth as I was opening my mouth as wide as I possibly could, anticipating that savory taste. Maybe motherly instinct on her part. 

Ponytail Kimchi is called Chonggak Kimchi in Korean. The type of radish or "mu" in Korean is called Chonggak mu. Chonggak means "bachelor."I read somewhere that this type of kimchi is called Chonggak kimchi because in the old days men used to wear their hair in long braids before they got married. The green stem of this radish resembles that and hence Chonggak Kimchi. 

I'm gonna have to ask my mom and pops if that's true. 

We used Maangchi's recipe. I won't rehash it here.

We already finished it and saved the extra sauce for when we make kimchi jjigae. That's going to taste amazing.

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