March 3, 2016

Piri is home

Piri had a good surgery yesterday. Thank you for all your kind words.

The doctor said he did great under anesthesia and the vet techs let us know that he showed good signs during his recovery session. 

We dropped Piri off at 10 am and he was discharged at 2 pm. It was a long wait but getting phone calls throughout his surgery to let us know when he was fully under and what kind of procedures they will be performing on him was helpful. 

One thing that has us concerned as the oral surgeon was getting ready for his procedure was his growth. The oral surgeon found more mass under Piri's tongue and he called it "ugly" and "not good" and said he thought it was cancerous. He said he won't know for sure until biopsy results come back but he was afraid that the growth spreading wasn't a good sign. We are hoping that he may be wrong on this. He was so right on so many calls and shots but please, just this one, let him be wrong. 

Right now I am trying not to think about it but the worst case scenario keeps lingering in the back of my mind. 

After we got instructions on post surgery care, the vet tech brought Piri in so that we can take him home. Usually when Piri sees us after being away, he wags his tail and rubs himself all over us but this time he didn't come to us for comfort and kept his distance and stared at us - almost as if he didn't recognize who we were. He was also a little disoriented, and probably overwhelmed, but kept trying to figure out how to get out of the building. It was most likely all the medicine - sedatives, etc. that was he was under, which didn't fully leave his body until late last night. 

We had trouble giving him his pain medicine when it was due at 4 pm yesterday and so we broke rules and fed it to him with some hot dogs and spam. Boy he gobbled that up right away. He has also been getting boiled chicken {we stopped giving him chicken because his ears kept flaring up pretty badly - most likely allergies} because ground beef isn't his thing anymore. A phase. Hopefully. 

Last night and this morning he has been picky and just eating the boiled chicken and spitting out the rice but a couple of hours ago he ended up licking his bowl clean of everything - including the carrots and asparagus. Good boy.

Another thing I noticed. He is eating by himself. I am wondering now if all those times he preferred to be hand fed was because his mouth was hurting or giving him discomfort. Poor guy. 

But we'll see how he does with his K/D food once we put him back on it in a few days. He may still want to be hand fed. And that's ok.

Piri's lump and the mass under his tongue have been removed and sent in for a biopsy - we'll know the results 5-7 business days. The doctor had to extract three teeth and the sutures will dissolve on their own in a few weeks. Piri did well under anesthesia that the doctor even had time to do a full cleaning of all his teeth. So all that plaque is now gone and his teeth are pearly white. We'll have to be so much better at maintaining them now. 

Right now Piri is sleeping. 

He wasn't allowed to go up and down the stairs yesterday and so we slept with him in the living room {lately Piri asks to go outside a few times in the middle of the night and so to avoid all those trips, we slept right in the living room}. Tonight I think we'll be back upstairs although slumber parties in the living room isn't so bad. 

Piri still looks tired and doesn't have all his energy back but he is coming back little by little. 

What a resilient dog. I couldn't be more thankful for him hanging on and pulling through. 

I love you, Piri. 

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