April 21, 2016

That blogging thing

So I've been thinking about a couple of things -- 

1. Is there a particular blog feed reader that you use and you love? If so, will you share what is it and why? I'm currently using Bloglovin and it hasn't been doing it for me for a while. There is a considerable lag, sometimes my feed is all wonky. Does this happen to you? Should I just suck it up and deal? 

2. Comments. In the beginning I responded to all comments -- even if it's a short reply to say thank you. I've seen other blogs where only certain comments will have a response back (comments that posed a question or a recommendation). That seemed a little odd to me and so I was responding back to all.. until I realized that I may be cluttering up people's inboxes. I don't mind when I have an inbox full of messages saying someone responded back to a comment I left but do other people mind that they got an email saying I responded and it said "thank you"? What do you in terms of comments? Do you respond all? Respond to none and just converse over email? Or respond to only those that need a response back? I'm thinking about going back to how I used to do it -- responding all but I'm curious how everyone else does it. 

I used to keep such a strict schedule in terms of how I used to blog but lately it's just been all over the place. My editorial calendar is outdated, taking pictures is grueling and while I have a billion things I want to write about, the actual writing is so darn hard. But you know, I'm getting this renewed sense of getting back on track. Hopefully it'll be real and stick. 

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