April 14, 2016


When we are out and about with Piri and his carrier, it's Yangkyu who pushes it most of the time. He doesn't hesitate, isn't embarrassed at what other people may think and he just tells me to do my thing -- whether it's taking pictures or enjoying time out. And while I do get lost with my camera for a while or enjoy being out, most of the time I am following right behind them just watching and being incredibly thankful for my life with them.

I mentioned before how I don't drive {I do have a license but get scared behind the wheel} and so that was part of the reason we held off going on a road trip for so many years because I felt bad putting all the pressures of driving on Yangkyu. Even to local grocery stores, vet visits, my dental and health appointments -- Yangkyu takes me. Piri is usually in the backseat. It's truly a family affair. We really do everything together.

And so when Piri's appetite was waning and I was desperate to get him to eat a couple of weeks ago, Yangkyu offered to take us to the pet store so I can grab a bunch of new canned foods. He had such little time to get there and back so that he can meet his colleague for a study session they've been having, but he made it work and also put my mind at ease.

There are also those times when he announces unexpected drives around the neighborhood. He knows I'm home all day and that's ok with me and I do prefer it as I am what someone will call an extreme homebody. But I do have itches to get out too. And Yangkyu senses when I'm feeling those moments. And so whether it's to nearby shopping centers, or our old stomping grounds or just a drive to get coffee, ice cream or a doughnut, he'll do it -- after a long day's work or studying. 

Words like "soulmate" and "dog dad" are a little too cheesy and embarrassing for me to use, but I really think he is.

I always tell him, "marrying you is like winning the jackpot for me." That always puts a big smile on his face.

Yikes. Reading that line now makes me think that's cheesier than "soulmate" and "dog dad".

Maybe we're just one big cheeseball family. 

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