May 13, 2016

Essential oils + the weekend

I have always heard about essential oils and Young Living but I was a skeptical bystander. I read a lot of blog posts about people's testimonials and to be honest, it just seemed too good to be true. A little dab of oil that relieves stress and anxiety and muscle soreness and a whole laundry list of other things? Really? A simple as a dab on the wrist and behind the ears?

While I thought essential oils were a good thing I didn't think they were for me or my family. 

That is until Piri got cancer and started to have, what seemed like, respiratory issues. As if Florida didn't give us enough of a headache while we were there, he actually developed the respiratory issue in Key West.

Back home, he was put on an antibiotic that made him have such terrible side effects that lasted for days. He didn't have nasal discharge or any other symptoms that suggested something serious. He is vaccinated for kennel cough and is on monthly heart warm medicine. We just couldn't figure out what it was - these sounds he made through his nose that resembled a whistle or a tiny toot horn. I thought maybe something was stuck inside his nasal passage and I was hoping he would sneeze it out.

Our vet suggested we put him on another kind of antibiotic, which he was on previously for something else and did well on - Clamavox - but I just couldn't put him through another round of medications, after what he had been through with Zirthromax and everything else he's on for the long-term.

And so I looked for other options.

A fellow dog person on Instagram suggested we try spirulina supplement which, among other benefits, strengthens the immune system. We immediately purchased that and put him on it. He's iffy with it but has been eating it more than not. I also came across the benefits of essential oils for pets, in particular Frankincense and how it can help with the immune system but may also have cancer fighting properties. 

Whether it sounded skeptical or not, I was willing to try it. With him, I'm willing to try just about anything to help him feel better as he goes through and tries to find stability in this part of his life's journey with cancer and kidney disease.

I read about different ways to use essentials {which should be carefully considered for people, but especially for pets} - topical, oral and diffusing. I decided diffusing would be best for Piri. Signing up for a membership and purchasing the starter kit ended up being most cost efficient than just buying the diffuser and Frankincense alone. Through the start kit we would be receiving a bunch of other essential oils, including what we had originally wanted to try, Frankincense.

We have been using it on and off for a couple of weeks now. I can't say that I've noticed significant improvements although the whistling and toot horn noise is gone, but it's been replaced by something that now sounds like shallow breathing or breathing with something that is blocking one of his nostrils. Something like when we have a cold or a stuffy nose.

We will continue to use it though. I have also started to diffuse lemon, which has a lovely fragrance and helps clear up the air.

The essential oil diffuser sits in our living room and at night in our bedroom we have our humidifier on. We hope this combination will continue to be beneficial for Piri and to us as well.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

We have a dog guest at Piri's Place and so much of our attention will be spent on playing and caring {and spoiling} him. There is also a terribly outdated Netflix DVD we have, Les Miserable, that we should probably watch and return so we can move on with our queue. I also need to catch up on VEEP and Sundays are dedicated to watching a Korean show called King of Masked Singer. I also received a clean out bag from ThredUp and will likely do another purge of my closet.

Have a great one friends!

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