May 5, 2016


Did you read about the frozen vegetable recall? It included organic products including ones from Trader Joe's {and of course we purchased two of the vegetables on that recall list from TJ - ugh - we never win the lottery but these kind of things we alway seem to hit jack pot}. 

News like this always makes me wish I can grow my own vegetables all year round {this family can do it, why can't we?!}

Ok, so we may not be on the way to growing 6,000 pounds of food, but we started our vegetable and flower garden a few weeks ago. We made use of the compost we've been maintaining for the past year and from the looks of all the fat juicy worms, it looks like we have something healthy and good going on in the soil department. 

We bought our seeds from All Good Things last year but decided to purchase them from our local garden center this time around. 

It isn't too far of a departure from last year's growing list although we are not attempting fava beans and spinach again and a lot of the Asian vegetables like perilla leaves and crown daisies are still on the maybe list. We decided on two different kind of carrots, beets and tomatoes as well {last year we planted danver carrots, detroit red beets and beautiful golden orange ida gold tomatoes}. 

Our seeds were started in little starter containers and they will be transplanted to our garden beds and pots and containers soon. 

Here is our list of things we are growing this year: 

 // Green onions
 // Lettuce {Tennis Ball}
 // Rainbow Carrots {Purple Sun} 
 // Cherry Tomatoes {Rainbow blend}
 // Five color Rainbow Beets
 // French Baby Carrots

 // African Marigolds
 // Zinnia
 // Flanders / Corn Poppy 

 // Rosemary
 // English Thyme
 // Chives
 // Basil {Italian Large Leaf}
 // Parsley {Italian Dark Green Flat}

Aside from these we also got a small sampling of something called dol namul {돌나물} in Korean. Our friends grow it in their garden and made a wonderful side dish for dinner one time and I literally was that guest who ended up gobbling the whole thing up like a crazy monster {I think everyone understood... or at least I hope they did...}.

It is the exact kind of side dish I love and so they gave me a small sample to plant in my own garden. I did a quick research and it's called "sedum" and the kind of side dish I fell in love with is here {so good!!} 

I can't wait for harvest time. 

What are you growing this year? 

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