May 27, 2016


I raved about them before here

Guckkasten is going on a tour soon in Korea - Seoul, Busan, Kwang Ju, Dae Gu and Dae Jeon. They're also going to France as well and have been (and continue to) perform at rock festivals in different cities throughout the summer. 

The point is - I wish I could go!

I found out about Guckkasten late {only recently that is} but their music is pretty darn great {and the covers they have done on music variety shows is good too}. And while my Korean isn't that great, I find myself trying to read as many articles I can about them {sometimes making Yangkyu translate for me - I also force him to watch Youtube videos and check their Instagram feed together} and deciphering their lyrics as well.

Here is an English language review of their music if you're interested in getting to know them.

I've heard that their live performances are just mindblowing.

Seriously, can I just go please?

The only concert I've been to in my life was when YB {another Korean rock band} came to NYC in 2006. That was pretty awesome and I still remember the feeling today. I wish I knew Guckkasten earlier because I would've literally hauled my butt to SXSW when they performed with others during K-pop Night Out at Elysium in 2013.

I used to listen to Phish, Radiohead, The Cure, Everclear, Green Day, Gin Blossoms and also had some Grateful Dead, Sonic Youth, Indigo Girls on my playlist as well. But slowly I began to just lose interest. Ever since learning about this band, I've come to appreciate again, this genre of music and bands again. And man does it feel good. 

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  1. Hi! I was wondering, where do you get information about their tour? I do hope they have another tour this year, because i have been saving money last year to see them ^^

    Love you :3


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