June 23, 2016

Favorites : Skin care

All throughout my twenties and pretty up until now, I didn't have a skincare routine. Well, I still really don't. Starting from my post-college days, I went through phases where I used stuff from Chanel, Clinique, Shiseido, Suki, Sulwahsoo and a couple of other Korean brands I completely forgot the names of. But there was nothing like a multi-step routine (you know, it was really just cleanser, moisturizer and maybe a toner from time to time). I never really had skin issues - I didn't have acne, didn't have oily skin, didn't really have black heads. And so I thought instead of putting products on my face, I'd just let nature do its thing. And most of the times I wasn't using expensive skin care products, just drug store brands.

Then I hit my thirties and I began have adult acne. The worst of the adult acne phase is over and while it sucked the entire time, I still didn't really think about a skin care routine.

Lately though I've been looking through pictures from a few years ago and it finally hit me -- we, both Yangkyu and I, need to be better about taking care of our skin {body and face}. I mean even three years ago we looked so much fresher and younger. And I guess not only just skin but just overall health maintenance as well because we're noticing that we're gaining a few pounds here and there {we've had an exercise routine but we've been slipping these past couple of months}. It's not like in the past where we would eat ramen at 12 am and we wouldn't gain a pound. Now eating ramen at 12 am would spell trouble. BIG trouble. But maybe we'll talk about health and wellness in another post.

Anyway, we've used some things here and there to test the waters. The skincare market is HUGE. I'm not sure exactly what works right now, but we did find a few products that we've liked using {like vs. effective is two different things for us... hopefully they won't mean such different things once we get the hang of this whole thing}. 

I have especially gone bonkers over #1 -- I had Sabon on my list of things to try but never got around to ordering anything. During Yangkyu's recent trip up to New York, his friends' wives suggested he pick up a body scrub for me. I absolutely love it. 

Another thing to mention is that after going through a couple of cleansers from Shiseido (Ibuki gentle cleanser and Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam, which absolutely dried our faces out, we found a cleanser we both loved -- Perfect Whip -- #3. We recently ran out of it and we were going to order another tube but decided to try something new. So right now we are using this cleanser from Iope, and while it's a bit too early to tell if we like it a whole lot, it hasn't given us any weird break outs or dried out faces out. So far it's been good.

Currently, we're in the hunt for a new moisturizer and also a Vitamin C Serum for our face, so those two will be the next things to add to our "routine." 

What are some of your favorite skin care products? And why is it so great? Tell me! I'd love to know!

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