June 17, 2016

Have a good weekend {I hope yours isn't all about catching up}

It's finally Friday - a gloomy one at that, which doesn't make my predicament feel any better. 

I am drowning in things. Lots of things. Some important, some maybe not {by some}. 

I have found that I am out of my routine again - no reading, no running, no cooking, no making. I rearranged again - my desk and my computer and all my craft things, in hopes that it'll make me a bit more productive and save time as well. 

Piri completed his 7-day antibiotic treatment on Wednesday and while he still doesn't have that big of an appetite and it's a struggle to give him his daily medications and supplements, he is feeling and looking so much better. We think that his infection is gone, but we'll have to go back to the ER in a few days to do another culture to make sure.

Piri began to come around just when we began to have a steady flow of guest dogs. They'll continue to come and go throughout the weekend.

Oh, I think the sun is trying to fight its way from behind the clouds. I must get going too. 

Have a great weekend. 

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