June 27, 2016

Homemade Dog Treats

I'm not sure if you remember me talking about our then latest purchase, the food dehydrator. I had purchased it right before we found the mass inside Piri's mouth {which turned out to be cancer -- oh how weird it is to see how things play out after the fact... anyway...}. 

I had purchased it because I had wanted to make homemade treats for Piri and since he was on a big Korean sweet potato kick back then that I thought it would be good to make him the dehydrated kind {longer shelf life, chewy, tasty, etc.}. Well it turned out that he was starting to get sick of Korean sweet potatoes soon afterward the dehydrator arrived and the mass inside his mouth was too much of a hassle for him to chew through such a sticky/semi hard treat. 

Although I ended up enjoying the chewy sweet potato treats myself, the dehydrator was feeling like one big fat space hogging mistake. 

I did end up drying strawberries and kiwi but I realized I'm not really a dried fruit kind of a person. I rather have them juicy, ya know? 

For a while I had contemplated on making jerky treats for us but the thought of putting meat on the drying trays turned me off. I didn't like the thought of putting both meat and vegetables, herbs and fruits all on the same trays even though I would be washing them, of course {we don't even use the same cutting boards for meats and vegetables!}. 

And so the dehydrator sat there collecting dust... until I finally said, "We're going to make some chicken jerky treats for Piri!" 

We were adding turmeric spice to his food then, which has so many benefits for his joints and possibly for cancer as well. And he was loving it too. 

So I defrosted some frozen chicken breast tenderloins from Trader Joe's, mixed it with coconut oil and turmeric and dried them.

It turned out that it was right around the time that Piri was getting sick of turmeric. 


But, these treats turned out to be such a hit with our DogVacay guests. They gobbled it up and so the treats weren't a waste afterall.

And so right before all our June guests were slated to come to Piri's Place, I made some more, plus other kinds of homemade treats to share with our guests {with permission from clients first}. 
  // Chicken breast tenderloin with coconut oil, turmeric and parsley // 
  // Since Piri was no longer a fan of turmeric, I made a separate batch without turmeric. Unfortunately he ended up passing on these as well. Bleh. // 
  // Don't they look like little wands? Ha. Ground beef mixed with coconut oil, carrots, asparagus, parsley on sweet potato sticks! These are mega popular // 
  // For hot summer days -- frozen blended strawberries with goat milk from The Honest Kitchen // 

The ground beef on potato sticks were a bit harder to do -- just a lot of steps to prepare and so I am not sure if I'll make them again any time soon {well, maybe a variation of it}. But making homemade treats is actually really fun and rewarding, especially when dogs gobble it up and stare at you with buggy eyes because they want more. Their enthusiasm just makes everything worth it {even all those dishes!} 

The dehydrator is no longer a big fat mistake but one of the best kitchen purchases. 

Woot woot!

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