June 1, 2016

I need more manis in my life

On Sunday, I got together with a couple of my girlfriends for a little pampering session. While they got pedicures, I got myself a mani. Basic one because while I had originally made an appointment for a gel manicure, I switched at the last minute because I wasn't quite sure if I was ok with the whole process with the UV light and also stripping off the actual gel. Have you ever gotten it done? Am I just being dramatic?

Anyway, I haven't gotten a mani in... ages. AGES.

I didn't even get one for my wedding. I realized when I got to the wedding venue that my nails looked.. well.. bare. I was too busy taking care of other things to think about my nails, but it's ok. It wasn't the end of the world.

So there I was on Sunday getting my first mani since high school prom and enjoying every moment of it and digging how how the whole thing came out. 

I then declared ... I need more manis in my life. In-between caring for dogs. But then the over thinking  me battles with my conscious and I will probably never get a mani again. 

It would be nice if they used nail polish that were cruelty free. Are there salons like that, you think?

For my overthinking friends:

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