June 2, 2016

Piri would like it here

Maui. 2010.

Being the crazy dog people we are, even while on our honeymoon to Maui we kept thinking and talking about Piri.

"Oh Piri would like it here."
"Piri would probably have liked to peed on that tree stump."
"I wonder what Piri is doing." (promptly calls boarding facility to check on him)
"I wonder if he's eating well." (emails boarding facility)
"I think we should move here with Piri -- he would like the free roaming chickens... but do you think it'll be too hot for him here?"

We really thought to just quit our jobs and start new in Maui. The lifestyle just felt so fitting for our personalities. But after researching bringing dogs from the mainland we decided it would be too hard for Piri especially because of his age. I hated that he needed to be quarantined for a long period of time. If it wasn't so difficult to bring dogs I think we really would've moved there in a heartbeat.

Piri likes resting on the warm sand. Just picturing that brings a smile to my face. I think he would've liked to see that sunset too. 

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