June 19, 2016

Something new

I don't even remember when we picked up wood and hooks and nails to switch out the wooden hanging board in our entryway. The one we made a couple of years ago ended up being too bulky and I had wanted to change it for the longest time. 

We bought the stuff we needed to make a thinner wood hanging board with more hooks and then it just sat there collecting dust. I can't even go through half of the things that happened to us these past few months that made this simple project take the backseat every single time. 

But we finally crossed this off our task list this weekend. 

FINALLY {start blare fanfare music please}!

I also crossed off hemming our curtains AND putting them up (yay! no more worries about people peeking into our living room at night!) and deep cleaning our bathtub and tiles {things were getting pretty gross in there..}. 

Anyway, I had originally pictured hanging things like dried herbs and flowers and other pretty things along with maybe our market tote and keys and such but nope. Half of the board is filled with all things Piri. Of course it is. We're dog people after all. What was I thinking... dried herbs and flowers... ha. {ok, no, I actually really want to hang dried herbs and flowers...}

What are you making on your end? 

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