July 6, 2016

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Do you know that children's book? Harold and the Purple Crayon

It's about a boy with a purple crayon who has the power to create a world that he imagines. 

There is something about that concept I really love. 

If only we can all still feel like we have that power still and an imagination to create a world we all would like to see. 

I'm winding down my day now. It's been a full, busy day, with lots of things crossed off my to-do list but still lots more than sits there undone. Unchecked. Pushed away until tomorrow, or the next.

Of the things that I am doing terribly at the moment is social media. The interaction part. The one thing that actually drew me to Instagram - the interaction - is really kicking my ass at the moment and I'm sucking royally at it. 

I have many excuses.

First and foremost, my phone. The iphone 6 Plus. It's big and slippery. I loved shape and grip of the iphone 5. Can we please have that model back please? 

My case is a big ole Totoro rubber case. I thought it would give me the grip I would need to type easily without the phone slipping out of my hand constantly. It doesn't. Slip that is. But the grip isn't a comfortable one. And I end up with so many typos that autocorrect can't even correct properly. 

And responding back in Korean. Oh boy. That is a whole other set of problems I can't even get into right now. 

I see other people and they write long comments on photos and are so great in responding back. Like wha? How do they do it? 

I tried using the computer, but that's giving me it's own set of headaches. Like, my iMac is old and slow. It lags big time. I just don't have the time to sit there and wait for things to scroll down. 

So yeah. I'm sucking at this Instagram interacting thing and I have a boatload of blogs to catch up on. 

I don't always comment on people's blog posts anymore, but I do make the time to go visit and go through all the posts I missed, read or skim through them and maybe comment too. It's the same thing with Instagram -- I go through and scroll down to the last picture I liked, even if it's two or three days worth of missed moments. But more and more, catching up seems so daunting. 

Why do these things feel daunting? It shouldn't. 

Something feels amiss. 

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