July 13, 2016

New additions to Piri's Travel Essentials

We're going away with friends and our dogs in a couple of days and to prep for the trip we did a little shopping for Piri for some items that may help him feel a bit more comfortable in a new environment and keep cool in 90+ degree weather. 

I was actually gearing up to do a traveling with senior dogs travel essentials blog post right after our Florida trip, but Piri's chemo happened and I never got around to doing it. This blog post isn't exactly what I had imaged back then, but it's timely and I hope it's helpful for some folks who are also looking to get away with your dog. I say that this is travel essentials for senior dogs, but really it's for any dog of all ages {I just focus on senior dogs because I belong to one}.

New additions to Piri's travel essentials include: 

What are some of your dog's travel essentials?

PS - There might be an opportunity for us to go kayaking and we may buy Piri a life jacket as well. That'll be a cute addition.

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