July 28, 2016

New In: Skin Care Essentials

A few posts back, I talked about adding a few things to my skin care items to continue and improve my skin care routine - or actually to develop one because all I was really doing was washing my face and slapping on lotion afterwards, and doing masks here and there.

After a trip to Sephora and ordering a couple of things on Amazon, I've found a few items to my liking and a routine that I am actually sticking to.

And you know what? It's been about 3 weeks of using some products here, I am actually seeing a difference {Wonder Pore, Rice Water Cleanser and Collagen eye packs are actually all recent purchases and so I have only been able to use them only a couple of times}.

My skin is definitely smoother and looks more clear and bright (not dull and coarse). And that was really my goal - to get my skin to look fresh again and not battered, bruised and dry with age. During colder months, my skin looked as if it got windburn.

I am definitely still trying to figure out what type of skin I really am (how do you guys figure that out? My skin completely dries out when I use products for oily skin and I do sometimes break out and get hives when using certain products - does that make me combination? Sensitive? I'll have to get to the bottom of this...) and possibly my goals for my skin may change as I learn new things, but I am very much satisfied with what I have going right now. 

Here is the low down: 

1 // Algenist SPLASH Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack -- This product I actually wasn't so sure the first week. It gave me a weird tingling feeling that wasn't soothing but I stuck with it and have grown to really love it. I use it 4 times a week at night after washing my face and using a toner. I don't use any other moisturizer, just this. And I also make sure to cover my neck in an upward motion.

2 // Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster -- I have been in the hunt for a Vitamin C serum for my skin for a while and finally settled on this one. But like the Algenist Sleeping Pack, I wasn't too sure about this! The first few times I used it, the area around my mouth felt like it was so dry and so I wasn't sure if both products were for me. But I stuck to it and now I don't think I can ever take it out of my skin care routine. I use it in the morning after washing my face and going over it with a toner. I let it sit on my skin for a few minutes before applying moisturizer. I also make sure to use it on my neck in an upward motion. 

3 // Erborian Ginseng Milk -- Part of the reason I bought this as my moisturizer was because of the amazing milkiness. It goes on so easily. I actually share my skin care routine with Yangkyu and he really has sensitive skin and can't take heavy lotions, moisturizers and creams. We have both been liking the way Gingseng Milk goes on to our skin but we are keeping our eyes open to other moisturizers in the future {just because we aren't completely over the moon in love with this and also because we're curious too to see what else is out there}. 

4 // The Face Shop Rice Water Bright -- We still have our cleanser from IOPE but I decided to purchase this as well to see how it would fair. It's ok. It's only been a couple of days since we started using it and while I don't dislike it, I am not sure how and what about it I actually like. I think it's mostly the scent that isn't my thing - it seems a bit too strong for my liking. Otherwise it lathers up pretty well and is foamy {and we love foamy!}. We currently use IOPE in the morning and Rice Water Bright in the evening.

5 // Etude Skin Toner Wonder Pore -- I started to use a toner back in college and once I started it was one of those things that I just could not have in my routine. But then this past year or two, I stopped using toners thinking maybe it was a bit too harsh on my skin. I've brought it back though. And like the Rice Water Bright cleanser, it's only been a couple of days so I am not sure how amazing and wonderful it is, but I do like the way it gets applied to the cotton by pumping it {50 cotton pads are also included in a box along with the toner}. I have been using this morning and night after washing my face.

6 // G & S Cosmetic Medicos-v Face Masks (Collagen Intensive Nourishing) -- So I think everyone and their grandmothers know that collagen is amazing, but for someone like me who has been living under a rock when it comes to everything skin care, I am just getting it now. I have always used masks {and man they were cheap 10+ years ago!} and I've mostly always used ones from the Tony Moly line. But I picked up a new brand a couple of weeks ago from a local Korean stationary store near my house and tried it out. I picked up different types - Collagen, Aqua Blue, Snow White - and when I tried the Collagen one and woke up the next morning I was completely blown away. Skin was so smooth and bright and clear. Masks from Medicos-v is by far my best mask experience. A bit pricy as the local store sold them for $3.99 for a single pack. I use masks in the evening after washing my face and going over it with a toner. I use the Algenist sleeping mask 4 times a week and the rest of the nights I use a face mask for 20-25 minutes, and pat the serum on my face and go to sleep. I don't add additional serums or creams or moisturizers.

7 // Etude House Collagen Eye Patch -- This is sort of an impulse buy after being so amazed by the collagen face mask. I have been avoiding any routines and treatments around my eyes because whenever I apply creams, white bumps would form around my eyes. But I'll have to see if these help in any way - I have always had dark circles under my eyes and they get puffy sometimes. I haven't used these yet! Today will be my first day.

What is your tried and true skin care product?

I am thinking about trying a couple of things from the SkinFood line next {although the brand model on their homepage is a young actress in Korea which makes me think, maybe this product isn't for someone in my age group?} and going back to our kitchen to see if there are some things that may also help {my mom always used fresh cucumbers on her face and also milk! now she uses beer for her hair and has told me to try it as it adds volume. I love moms and their wisdom}. 

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