July 5, 2016

Not so much fireworks for us, but a lot of tv. A lot.

What did you do for Fourth of July? 

We intended to make the most of it by working on our garden bed out in the front, trying out some good recipes and ending the day with a movie. One movie. 

After breakfast we decided to take a little 5 minute break before washing up and going through our plans. But then we saw that The Martian was playing on HBO and despite having watched it like 9 other times, we thought "Hey! What's one more time". It's such a good movie

Then the latest season of VEEP came on afterwards. I haven't watched a single episode from this season and so I thought maybe I'll get a couple of episodes under my belt. To catch up, you know. 

Yangkyu and I ended up watching the entire marathon of the 5th season. And then it was like 7 pm. 

7 pm!

It was one of those days that felt good and relaxing while it was happening, but when it got all dark out the entire day felt so terribly wasteful. 

Never again. Hopefully.

And we're canceling HBO.

{Not necessarily because we were binge watching yesterday -- but cable has been one of those expenses lately that seems like a waste in general. So, we're getting rid of it and depending on Netflix and the good ole radio.}

Hope you had a good three day weekend!

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