July 8, 2016


Tiffany and Izzy, our DogVacay guest dogs, leave later on today and Piri's Place will be closed for about a week and a half so that we can regroup, recharge, deep clean the house and also spend time with each other. I'm looking forward to our break very much. I'm definitely a hard core homebody but my body is itching to get out and get some sun and take pictures too. We've been taking in guest dogs straight since June! So a much deserved break for all of us. 

What are you doing this weekend? 

We were supposed to go to a Family Drive-In Theatre about an hour away from where we live to watch The Secret Life of Pets. The drive-in theatre is dog friendly and we went to see Jurassic World with Piri last year. We have been waiting for a year to watch The Secret Life of Pets but I am not too sure if we will go this weekend. Maybe the reason why we won't go I can share, if I feel comfortable enough, at a later time. 

So perhaps this weekend we'll stay a bit more local - farmer's market and such. 

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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