August 2, 2016

Beating summer

I have always loved summer but lately the harsh sun and mosquitos have been driving me nuts {and wire grass too but that's a whole other story}! We have a few things to help us beat summer, and they are all natural too! 

 // Ark Naturals Flea Flicker Tick Kicker -- Piri is actually on Frontline and so we like to think that he is protected. It is indeed harsh chemicals on his body and many owners I know choose not use Frontline or similar products on their dogs, older dogs and also dogs who are sick. For us, Piri has been on it for years and so we decided to keep him on it but also got this product for extra products on days when we are out in the woods and trails or away on the lake or beach. 

 // Badger Anti-bug Sunscreen -- A must! It does leave a white residue {it's a natural product afterall} and so applying very little at at time has been a great trick to applying it for us. 

 // Honest Bug spray -- I was looking to get the Badger anti-bug spray but they were sold out at Whole Foods and so instead I picked up the one from the Honest Company. Slightly greasy but bearable. We would love to try the Badger product after we're done with this bottle -- hopefully it won't be until next summer!

What are you using to keep the sun and bugs away? 

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