August 7, 2016

Now Listening: Dusky80

I came across Dusky80 on Instagram when they were performing in Jeju Island at the HaruHana Flea Market*. I immediately began to look them up on Youtube and followed them on Facebook. I love the hard core sound of alternative, punk and psychedelic rock but also love a more softer beat that Dusky80 has in their music.

Dusky80 recently released their first official single, I won't worry (Guk Jung Ahn Hae Yo) on August 4. They identify their music as French Gypsy/Electro Swing and they are really pretty good. My wish is to one day see them live. 

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

{The HaruHana Flea Market is also where Lee Hyori is known to sell handmade goods. Hyori is a former member of the popular girl group Finkle who also later went solo after the group disbanded. She married and settled in Jeju Island with her husband and rescue dogs and began to document her life through a personal blog, which she began with the intention of closing within a year as she didn't want to be constantly taking photos for the purpose of updating her blog. Her photos and description of her life on the island became a sensation to many and her blog became immensely popular} 

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