August 8, 2016

Taking stock

Lately I've been trying to make small changes to my life. Small changes that I hope will have good outcomes. 

First is trying to conserve water.

I was watching a show on Netflix about water and was shocked at level of inequality to access to fresh clean water. Of course I knew this fact, but when it was in my face like that it was hard to turn the blind eye and think, "not my problem." 

I can still probably do a whole lot more to conserve water but I've been starting out in the bathroom first.

Yep. I was one of those annoying people that kept the water running the entire time I was brushing my teeth and rinsing. Like, really? Does the water really need to be on then? Of course not! And so, I've been making the conscious effort to turn it off.

The same going while showering. Yangkyu and I have been shutting the water off when we are lathering and only turning the water on when we need to rinse. We can probably get away with doing this now since it's summer and during the colder months we may just not be able to stand in the shower with the water off freezing out butts off, but so far it's been an ok experience.

Strength training. 

So I've been running since last November. More consistently and often during the first few months and then not so much when April came around and now during the summer months because I've found that it's much harder to run when it's hot {breathing is harder and I can't run with a water bottle because I find it distracting - and I need water when it's hot!}.

But I've gotten so much better at running and made quite a bit of improvement - like having a good solid first mile leg time {fastest was around 7:40 but lately it's been hanging around 8:40}. Also, I'm able to go a full 2 miles before needing to walk a little to rest. 

I run about 3.5 miles {when my condition isn't the greatest and it's a tough day to run} and up to 4.5 miles {and really great days}. 

But aside from cardio exercise, I've been adding strength training at night before going to bed. It's only been 2 weeks but I've seen really great improvements. 

I do 5 sets of arm workouts with 5 pound dumbbells, 5 sets of 20 squats and three 1 minute planks. It was a struggle in the beginning but doing 100 squats is easy peasy now {probably more so because I've been doing squats for a while, just more consistently now} and with planks {which are torturous by the way} I've gone from being able to hold it for 20 seconds, 30 seconds to 40 seconds and I did my first 1 minute plank two nights ago. 

At first when I started running back in November, it was to lose weight. I've been going through a hard time with my weight gain for several years now. I had gone from being 105 pounds to 130 pounds, so suddenly, and everyone who knew me when I was 105 and saw me with my sudden weight gain would remark so negatively and even made jokes and began to assume and make up stories as to why I gained weight - like oh she must be stressed because she broke up with her boyfriend and she can't find a job, which made me feel even worse. They would see me and motion with their arms about how big I got, and I would just laugh it off, while inside I was hurting. While going back to my original weight wasn't a goal, I had wanted to look tone and slim. 

Looking more tone and slim is still a goal, but I realized something these past few months.

One day, I was playing with Nala, a young guest pup who comes to Piri's Place often, and while I was playing with her, I got so tired, so quickly. I was panting and ran out of breath.

But you see, there are still a lot more things I want to do when I'm in my forties and fifties. I still have an ailing pup to care for and want to continue to have dogs in my life to care for and have fun with. And because I still want to be active as I continue to age, I realize I need to keep fit and maintain my metabolism. So it wasn't all about trying to look tone and slim, it was about having a healthy body and energy for an active (semi-active) life style.

Right now I am 124 pounds. Still flabby in a lot of areas, but feeling pretty ok.

Keeping the sink free of dirty dishes and cleaning counter tops every night. 

In the past, I would just let the sink pile up with dirty dishes and then stress over it and do them late at night and feel so groggy. 

To avoid all that, I've been doing the dishes right away. Even if it's just a spoon, a dish and a cup. They're done as soon as I put them in the sink.

At first it felt a little tedious but I realized that seeing a clean kitchen sink can really encourage you to cook more and enjoy your kitchen, rather than dread it. 

And I've been doing this for a while now but I always make sure to clean kitchen counters, sink, faucet and stove top with a wipe every night {and sometimes a couple of times during the day, especially after cooking}. This little routine, I've found, helps keep your kitchen stay clean so that on days when you do deep cleaning you're not stuck with old, hard to remove stains and greasy gunk.

What are some small changes you're making to improve your day to day? 

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  1. Keep up the great work, Jane! Having a consistent workout is hard to do, but I think it becomes more fun when you keep up and start to see/notice the good change in your body and mental health (although I have been slacking big time lately, lol).


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