August 22, 2016

What's up lately?

So I've been thinking about changing up my blog again because fall is coming and I need to rearrange my nesting area, including the one I have online. A very long time ago, I invested in a blog ( and used Bluehost. I'm thinking about going that route again and switching over to Wordpress. It's been fun on blogger these past few years, but I've enjoyed starting this whole blogging thing on Wordpress and it sort of feels like a going back to my roots kind of feeling. 

It's been less than a week since I got my braces and I'm ready to take it off. The insides of my mouth are all scratched up, I feel like I'm eating wax, but in reality the only thing I'm able to eat is a whole bunch of nothing or a whole bunch of junk food. 

I haven't been able to exercise since getting my teeth extracted and so I've been feeling so terribly bleh with all this junk food intake. I am hoping to get myself together and get back to my regular routine.. and hopefully eating won't be such a painful ordeal. 

Our lawnmower broke. So did our toilet.

Yangkyu was able to fix the lawnmower and we ended up buying a new toilet and waiting for Home Depot to schedule a time to install it for us. It's a nice white one. Yay. Now our bathroom is officially mismatched. What an eye sore.

Piri went in for a sedated oral exam today. I felt horrible dropping him off at the hospital - he doesn't do too well when he's at the hospital alone. But good news... his growth isn't cancerous. I got the call back from our oncologist who ran a cytology and determined the mass was not malignant but instead a plugged duct in a salivary gland. I was waiting for her call the entire day and decided to take a quick shower and of course that's when she called. I literally ran out of the shower - covered in soap and water and rejoiced when she told me the news.

The only bad news in this is that he has to be back on his antibiotic and is now on a steroid to help reduce the lump. If it doesn't and if it continues to grow bigger then we may have to consider surgery as it will hamper his eating. 

One day at a time. One day at a time. 

I had a dream several days ago. Of beautiful pink magnolia trees. It was so beautiful, so pink that I took pictures of it. I woke up thinking I was pregnant. It felt so similar to when I had a dream of Basil. But no. It wouldn't be so again this month. I got my period four days ago. It hasn't been all that bad, you know, taking the bad news, these past few months, but this month. It was hard. We decided 40. When we turn 40 we will stop trying and live our lives not tied to this whole pregnancy ordeal. That's two more years. Back when we first started trying to have a child four years ago, our cut off date was 35. I don't wish to extend it again.

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