September 10, 2016

And so it is true...

After being cancer-free for six months, Piri's oral melanoma is back. It may also have spread to his lymph nodes as I felt a lump in his throat today, something I have never felt before (or I could be highly paranoid.. which I hope is the case..)

My heart is shattered and I feel the similar fear of the unknown that I felt when we first got the diagnosis.

My sweet Piri.

I wish you weren't going through this..

I wish I wish I wish... 


  1. Oh no, so sorry that you guys got such upsetting news again :( :( Still going to send over lots of positive thoughts and hugs though xoxoxoxo

  2. Thinking of you and your family - hugs my dearest and kisses to Piri

  3. This upsets me...I've grown quite fond of Piri over the thoughts and love are with you all!!

  4. Jane, I'm really saddened to hear this. I don't know what to say. My heart goes out to you.


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