September 26, 2016

Expecto Patronum!

Did you take the Patronus test on Pottermore

I did and my patronus is a ... St. Bernard!

Ha. Of course it's a dog, right? Too bad it wasn't a cocker spaniel (although I don't think that is an actual patronus). I also got sorted into Hufflepuff and my wand is made of Acacia wood, unicorn hair center, 11" in length and slightly yielding flexibility {an explanation of your house and what your wand is also available once you create your Pottermore profile}. 

I recently finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a few days ago (literally finished the book in 2 days) and I cried throughout the book. Am I the only one to have bawled reading the script?

I have actually never cried before while reading the other books and also during movies but this time around there were just so many scenes that made my heart hurt. I am also in a different period in my life and I think looking at relationships between parent and child, friends and the one you love takes on new meaning for me. I know - I get like this! Have overly deep emotions and thought processes, which makes my analyzing story lines and characters so different from others, but that's maybe just a quirky part of my personality *wink wink*. I was a little wary about starting the Cursed Child because I read so many articles about how fans didn't like it, but I absolutely loved it. 

I read the first Harry Potter book pretty late -- it was the senior year of college, May 2001, during finals. Probably the most important period of my college experience, because if you fail course during your last semester in college, you don't graduate. But of course, during a study session at Barnes & Noble I decided to picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I was actually going to get all the books that were already out but a friend advised me not to, in case I don't actually end up liking it. Well... I ended up staying up the entire night finishing the book and went back the next day to pick up the rest. I just could not study without finding out how the story kept unfolding. Needless to say, there were many sleepless nights of reading and studying but thankfully, I got to finish all the books and ace my exams as well {ok - maybe except Economics, which I barely passed.. seriously.. but Econ was always my achilles heel during college}. 

As for the movies, I only watched up to The Goblet of Fire and so recently I finished watching The Order of the Phoenix and plan on watching The Half Blooded Prince and the Deathly Hallows as well. And then maybe a marathon. Heh.

So tell me! What is your patronus? And your house and wand?

 // People's not so happy reactions to their patronus test {hehe}


  1. MINE IS ST BERNARD TOO AAAAAHHH <3 i also read my first harry potter book around 2001. i'm not really buying the hype although i do look forward to watch marathon of the movies whenever it's on tv. probably would wait for the hype to die a little before starting on the cursed child :)

  2. loved this...Harry Potter is amazing!! x

  3. I still have to read the last book (script). I enjoyed them all. Yes, I cry at the drop of a hat also. I did the sorting quizzes but not that one. Off to take it. Thanks Jane.


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