September 16, 2016

I'm sorry Piri

For the past month or so, Piri's been getting up in the middle of the night, every night, multiple times, usually to go pee. There was a time earlier this year when he did this, but it stopped and he was sleeping through the night without having to get up. But lately it's come back, and it's a bit more than it used to be. 

Most nights, he'll be up at 2 am, 3:30 am and 5:30 am. His water intake has increased, I presume because his kidneys have gotten worse, and so he needs to pee more, but even after peeing and he was comfortably in his bed again, after a few minutes he would be up and about, pacing like he was looking for something. I quickly learned that he wanted water. He has never looked for water in the middle of the night and so this is a new development. 

Last night Piri was up at 12:30 am, 3 am, 3:30 am and at 5:30 am. By the third time I lost my patience and got short with him. I immediately felt bad and didn't know why I got so frustrated. But I guess day after day, for over a month, of continuous interrupted sleep, my mind was a little tired too. 

It's not just a matter of going down stairs with him and opening the balcony door to let him out and then coming upstairs. We carry Piri up and down the stairs now because of his arthritis and old age. We wipe his paws and pee area. When guest dogs are with us, sometimes they all run out the backyard too and do their business, which means more paws and pee areas to wipe. It's sleeping on the sofa after the third time going up and down the stairs, but Piri still pacing about because he wants to be in his bed upstairs. Then just a couple of hours after putting him to bed there, it's hearing him pace again because he needs to go out again, but actually it wasn't that he needed to go out but he wanted to drink water, which he drinks now with the help of a dropper. It's turning the house alarm off and on - something so simple, but sometimes on a tired brain it's such an annoying task. 

When Piri woke up again at 3:30 am last night it was because he had wanted water. More water. 

I had given him something to drink and put him to bed upstairs but he was up again, which made me think he needed to pee. We went out but he didn't do anything. I put him back to bed and he paced again. I was so exasperated. Then I went downstairs and brought him some water and that was it. He had wanted more water. He soon fell asleep again peacefully. 

I'm so sorry, Piri, for getting short with you last night. I'll try to be more understanding... I guess I still have a lot of shortcomings and still have so much learning to do as a caretaker.


  1. Jane you're a wonder women and I'm sure if Piri could talk he would say exactly the same thing :) :)

  2. Patience with others is such a difficult thing, as is patience with ourselves. You do such a good job with others; don't forget about yourself


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