September 3, 2016

Not so great at this waiting game

And I have found myself doing lots of waiting these past few years. 

You know.. 

You have your period. Then you wait to ovulate. Then wait again to see if you'll have your period again. You wait for the pregnancy test results. Negative.


Every month.

For four years.

You wait for the earliest possible vet appointment. Wait for doctor's findings and recommendations. Wait until surgery date. Wait until surgery is done. Wait until recovery is done. Wait for findings on suspicious things removed from body. 


While Piri may not have had consecutive surgery, he's been in and out of hospitals and has had a couple of surgeries and sedated exams a whole lot for the past three years, ever since he was diagnosed with kidney disease and cancer earlier this year.

He's having minor surgery today to remove the suspicious lump that came back in his mouth. We had thought to leave it as it wasn't getting in the way of him eating and drinking but we have a trip coming up and I didn't want it to suddenly grow and make Piri feel uncomfortable while we are traveling. 

Piri's oncologist examined the lump on August 22 and determined that it wasn't cancerous but to be even more sure we are having the lump being removed biopsied. 

He's at the surgical hospital now with Yangkyu. I couldn't go because we have DogVacay guests arriving this morning. So I'm waiting. In an empty house. Just waiting for the sound of those familiar paw steps to fill our home again.


  1. waiting is so difficult but even more difficult if it comes with the prospect of a negative result - don't know how you're able to tackle it all Jane but my heart feels for you having to go through it all xoxo

    1. ugh it is.. we're still waiting... hopefully it won't be bad news

  2. Oh yes you and Piri have been through a lot the last few years I hope the surgery goes well.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  3. Waiting is just not easy!! I do hope that the surgery goes well!! Love to you all xx

  4. I'm praying for you & Piri Jane.

  5. I'm the worst at being patient - reaching out and giving you a hug today


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