September 23, 2016

The last of our summer harvest + a little Piri update

These were our favorites, next to our cucumbers and green onions. Stone crops -- basically weeds you can eat {just like dandelion}. We spiced these up with hot pepper flakes mixed with some honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar and garlic {sometimes I added a little bit of canary sauce, too} and they were a staple on our dinner table whenever we had Korean food. I can't wait for these to crop up again next year. 

We're cleaning up our summer vegetable garden, but still tending to the broccoli, radish, beets and purple carrots which we'll harvest a couple more months down the line. There is always a bitter sweet feeling whenever I have to do away with something that was once thriving - so green and colorful was our garden over the summer, and now they are all withered and dying.

Mornings are crisp here, although during the afternoon it still feels like summer. I don't always do so well with the summer to fall transition and so I always tend to guard my heart a bit more during this time of year - it always seems to be a bit more vulnerable than usual.

The last of our September DogVacay guests leave today - in just a few hours. We plan on getting out during the weekend, maybe an arts and crafts fair and then the farmers market on Sunday. We are off until the beginning of October. We have a trip to New York coming up in a few days. We'll be going with Piri.

When we originally booked the trip it was before all the new developments with Piri's cancer - he was doing so well and so we thought now is the time to go since we missed out on so many chances to go with him. Since then though the trip has taken on a whole new meaning. It feels like almost coming to full circle -- going back to the place where we started out as a family, in that little shoebox studio apartment in Rego Park, Queens. We are going back to our roots, hopefully walk that all too familiar walking route for Piri, possibly for the last time, and grab our favorite tacos as well.

Despite everything, Piri is doing well. The visit to the holistic vet was good and he's been doing good on all his supplements, including his new ones. The results of the fine needle aspirate didn't give definite results as I think the sample was compromised during transport to the lab, but most likely the new lump in his throat area is a cancer of the salivary gland - an uncommon cancer, but more prone with older dogs. The report said it is less likely to be lymphoma. Still, nothing is for certain. It is a fortunate and unfortunate news all in one.

We don't plan on putting Piri through another surgery and having the lump removed and sent in for a biopsy for a more definitive result. I don't think I can put him through another sedation, medication and recovery cycle. The holistic vet told us to monitor the lump, keep him on his supplements and if the lump grows fast then we'll know it is aggressive and we'll need to gather together again and see what we can do for Piri.

This morning, Yangkyu told me that this is the right path for Piri. We tried chemotherapy, multiple surgeries -- no regrets. There won't be a "what if" because we feel we exhausted all possible options to fight Piri's cancer. Right now, we need to focus on keeping him comfortable.

I know.

I know, but it still hurts. I don't want Piri to misunderstand and think that we've given up on him.

While crying, I saw Piri sprawled out on in his bed, sleeping like he didn't have a care in the world. I mentioned that to Yangkyu and he went to go hug him and kiss him and said, "Piri is like me. He doesn't worry about a lot of things. He just goes with the flow."

I think he's right.


  1. <3 I am glad to hear Piri is doing well and that he's sleeping peacefully too. Hoping you enjoy your time in NY soon :)

  2. Piri is going to enjoy this vacation!My heart is breaking for you!

  3. The NY trip will be great for all of you, Jane. With everything you've all gone through, you all deserve to have some time to just get away from it all. And I'm also the one in the family who worries a lot. As I tell the others, it's good that I take it all so that the others can just chill:)

    PS Man....I so wish I can get into gardening but alas, I'm just good at killing all the greenery:D

  4. You guys have done everything and still continue to do everything so Piri can have those sweet sleeps on your bed without a care in the World - to me that means everything :) :) You guys are super wonderful and I hope your time off is wonderful too!

  5. Animals are so zen aren't they? I think I need to learn some lessons from Piri and be okay with "going with the flow" a little bit more

  6. Your garden produced some lovely and delicious treats Jane! So colorful and good! Have an amazing trip!


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