October 12, 2016

NYC according to my iphone

I've been having the worst time with my iphone for the past few days. I had upgraded my iOS which wasn't compatible with my OS on my Mac and it was just one nightmare after another. I had too many dogs to take care of to fix the issue (and it made it that much more harder because our backyard is full of soil - we were sodding half of our yard - which gets moist in the morning and so it's been washing paws every time they go out). 

Thankfully there was some breathing time today to upgrade my Mac and finally be able to connect to iPhoto and iTunes again to clear my phone of all old photos to put up on the blog, the first of which were taken from our recent trip to NY. 

I am increadily backlogged with catching up on my favorite people on the blog and Instagram and with my books and shows I want to watch while getting back into exercising and care for guest dogs and Piri who has lost his appetite again and hasn't been feeling so well in the digestion department. But one thing at a time. Oh yes. We need to start cooking again soon and not do so many take out! Eep! 

Doggy guests slow down for us for a couple of days but then it's back to being a full house during the weekend. It was my intention to take the rest of the year off and just spend it with Piri but somehow we became incredibly busy in October and parts of November, including Thanksgiving. But we have taken most of December off and have decided to take in only two guests for Christmas (we're already booked!). 

Here are some final moments I wanted to share from my NY trip if you would like to see. Things have sped up so quickly since coming back that I feel like I am only now getting to really reflect on it. 


  1. Sorry to hear that Piri lost his appetite :( I hope it comes back soon. Piri looks so comfortable in these photos, especially on top of that fluffy blanket -- I want to just snuggle with him!

  2. So so busy Jane! I hope life settles a little for you, it's nice to get a routine happening again :) Well I'm personally a sucker for good old boring routine! I hope Piri picks up again too and gets his appetite back, you guys are definitely on such a crazy emotional roller coaster *hugs* oh and I cannot leave this comment without saying how lovely all these photos look together!

  3. Sounds like the end of the year is going to be a whirlwind for you Jane!

  4. Aaaaaw.....thanks for sharing these lovely pics, Jane. You can tell Piri is loved by everyone:) And ugh on OS updates. I know it's a necessary evil, but I'm not a fan of updating my Apple stuff coz I feel like I have to re-learn everything! :( Anyhoo, I hope Piri gets his appetite back soon. XOXO

    PS And thank you for always taking the time to still check in and read my posts, Jane. I know how you busy you are, and I really appreciate your lovely comments. Mwah!


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