October 13, 2016

Two good podcasts

For our trip to New York we were naturally looking for ways to entertain us for the 4+ hours of road time. We bought some new songs and of course podcasts and downloaded two really great ones that kept us so engaged and made us laugh and cry and feel all good and warm inside. 

I love this podcast and the stories that were told in the two episodes we listened to (One Thing in Common and Grand SLAMS Coast to Coast). I have yet to listen to more but I have a reason why it's taking me so long to just devour it. Because I actually want to give my undivided attention and not have it on as background while I tackle other things throughout the day. It really deserves all of my time and I just haven't found uninterrupted time for the past few days. But if you love listening to life stories and appreciate the art of storytelling, I think you'll (really) love this one. 

If you would like to see an event live, you can do a search here for the one nearest you. For folks in Washington D.C. and the surroundings areas, here are events lined up for October, November and December. They look good. Wish we could go but alas, I couldn't leave Piri behind. 

Some of my favorite stories that range from literally laugh out loud to being stunned by the power of words and emotions are -- 

 // Joy by Ashok Ramasubramanian (from the One Thing in Common episode) 
 // Greener Grass by Jane Green (from the One Thing in Common episode) 
 // Leaping Forward by Cybele Abbett (from the One Thing in Common episode)
 // My unlikely Brothers by Pam Burrell (from the Grand SLAMS Coast to Coast episode)
 // How to say it by Bess Stillman (from the Grand SLAMS Coast to Coast episode) 

For more episodes, you can subscribe on iTunes

So the reason why I came across to The Moth was because of Strangers. Yangkyu played an episode of the Strangers podcast randomly one day (while we were doing cucumber facials together - ha!) and I became so riveted by Lea Thau, the show's host, and her voice. I looked up the show online and realized the Lea Thau was once the director of The Moth, which naturally made me look into that show as well. 

To me, The Moth has a more uplifting and bright feel, even though some of the stories shared centers on hard topics based on the storyteller's difficult and painful experiences, but Strangers has a dark and more solemn feel to it - something I'd probably listen to on a rainy day. It's everything about the show that makes me feel this way - from her voice, the story (of heartache, hope and redemption) to even the background music. 

To have a listen, you can subscribe on iTunes

What are some new podcasts you discovered recently? 


  1. I really need to start downloading podcasts!

  2. Thanks for the heads up about these podcasts, Jane! Bookmarked:) The podcasts I listen to are usually knitting-related, so it'll be good to add some variety.

  3. Is it odd that I never tried a podcast before?
    Well thanks for the tips if I ever want to try out
    listening to podcast, these will be the first one
    to try out! Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Oh thanks for the recommendations, I haven't swayed too far away from crime podcasts, since Serial. Sometimes when I shoot weddings I have to drive a couple of hours there and back, so I had a podcast racked up the other week called Accused that I was so into I almost wanted to stay in the car and not go to the wedding :P It did make the drive go super quickly though!

  5. These sound fab, will have to look into them :) x


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