November 14, 2016


After Piri passed, Yangkyu and I decided to go travel so that we can heal our hearts and experience something new. We went through so many different destinations and loads of videos from Rick Steves. 

We ruled out Korea and Japan which has been on our destination list for so long now because Yangkyu's friend is planning on getting married in Korea next year and so it would be smarter to time our trip to his wedding. 

Our first route looked something like this -- Zurich, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. 

Then I realized that I didn't want to spend a couple of days in different cities but rather spend some time in one city and venture out to the nearby areas. 

We looked at Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland but the major deciding factor was the amount of sunlight we would be allowed in December, which wasn't much. 

We were then fixed on Paris for a long time, but the more I read about Paris, I wasn't sure if the type of vibe and atmosphere was something my heart was looking for, especially when the trip was to really heal.

Munich had been on our list and after looking at it a bit more closely, we decided to go explore Munich, Bavaria and also make a day trip out to Salzburg. 

I haven't been able to plan all that much - we bought travel books, a good friend on Instagram emailed some wonderful tips and advice (she had visited Munich with her mother) and watched videos. 

Yangkyu and I also worry about different things too - to me, buying train tickets and riding the railway system (and transferring) freaks me out the most, while Yangkyu thinks we should learn super basic German to help us get around. 

And obviously we both worry about pickpocketers and just street peddlers, who I don't think I'll have the patience to deal with, but then again, pick pocketers and street peddlers are present just about anywhere we go, right?

We still have to work a bit on our itinerary and research a bit more. It still feels a bit unreal that we're traveling like this, and I presume I will continue to feel this way until we are in our seats at take off. 

We'll be spending 9 nights in Munich in December. I'll miss the Christmas traditions we used to hold after Thanksgiving - like getting our tree and trimming it. For a while I thought maybe we would skip all that this year, but perhaps we'll do something after our trip. I am hoping the Christmas markets in Munich will help get my holiday spirits up. 

I haven't been around to so many of my friends blogs to read and interact. It's been one of those things that seemed so hard to do (I also haven't cooked a proper meal in a long time.. everything just seems like a chore... ) -- but I hope that I turn myself around and be a bit more productive. Thanks for coming around to my corner and keeping me company though. It means a lot. 

Here's to a good week ahead.


  1. Travel can be so enriching and hopefully it will go a long way to helping you both to heal and move on. I've heard that Germany is quite festive during the holidays and it will be nice if you could catch some of that :)

  2. I went to Munich years ago and I took the train as well. Just make sure you validate your tickets before you board the trains. You should be fine. I don't speak any German and I got around fine. I'm sure learning the basics is great though.

    People are pretty friendly! I was there for a short amount of time so all I did was walking around the city centre, went to a beer garden, and went to Hofbräuhaus house. Enjoy your time.
    Just make sure you have a cross body bag and keep it in the front at all times. Always be aware of your surroundings and don't let anyone get too close to you especially on crowded trains.

  3. We will been traveling in December too. Safe travels to the both of us!

  4. I think Munich would be such a lovely place to visit, Jane. I think you and Yangkyu made a choice. And am like your hubby...I worry about stuff like the language thing too! :)

  5. Those travel plans sound really good - Munich has been on my list for awhile. I know you guys will have fun!

  6. That sounds like it will be a nice trip, hope you have lots of fun. The train system in Germany is very well organised so you will be fine!

  7. That sounds lovely! Germany is pretty much a perfect destination for Christmas time - I know you'll love it there xx

  8. It will be a wonderful trip and you both need it. Just go and have fun, no need to plan too much, it's more fun that way. Just visit the places you really want to see first and then just wing it!! You deserve it xx

  9. I worry about language barriers when I travel abroad too. But luckily, we live in an era with translating apps and travel apps so those have always helped me out. I'm not sure about Munich, but I downloaded some of the metro apps for France and Spain when we traveled (prior to leaving), and that helped with public transportation too. Hope you guys enjoy your trip!

  10. I hope this trip offers you guys much healing! Traveling is like stepping into a different world for a bit, which I think will be perfect for you guys - I'm excited for all your blog posts too :)


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