January 7, 2017

First photo session with Bartles

We woke up to snow this morning! Snow that actually stuck! Yippie! 

It's ended now and I presume that it will all melt away soon. 

Bartles was sleeping for most of the morning but he got up and started to wander around and I figured it would be the perfect time to lure him out for a quick photo session. He did so well!

The trick with Bartles (and most dogs) is treats (squeaky toys comes in a close second, for dogs who go bonkers for them). And the smaller the treat the easier it is to handle when taking pictures.

I had a bag of Zuke's mini naturals (one of Bartles' favorites) in my left pocket and a bag of little pieces of ham in my right in case Bartles did his business while we were out (turkey and ham cold cuts are his high level treats that he gets whenever he has a successful pee and potty session).

I know I made such a big hurrah in the beginning of the post, but snow actually isn't my favorite (I blame Syracuse - I think I experienced so much snow there during college to last me a lifetime). But first snow of the year is always exciting and while not my favorite, it is actually one of my favorite backgrounds to have when taking pictures of guest dogs (and it was a favorite with Piri aside from cherry blossoms, which gave such wonderful color - grass is actually my least favorite!). There is something about the lighting when it snows that makes for a pretty ambiance. So of course there was a reason to lure Mr. Bartles out. I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to have a first photo session with the first snow of the year.

You know these firsts give me different feelings - firsts with Bartles is a great joy but they are also firsts without Piri, which still makes me my heart hurt. It's been an interesting time trying to navigate these contradicting emotions and I think it will continue to be this way for a while. 

After this first photo shoot, Bartles made himself comfortable on top of a soft blanket and went off to sleep, which was perfect time for me to edit the photos. I actually started this post a few hours ago and since starting, Bartles went out a few more times, had a successful potty session outside and got to enjoy ham, had a meal, peed in his diaper (he was up and about but I read his signals wrong), ate some treats and now is off to dream land again. 

He sure does keep me busy, this one. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's to more camera time, Bartles! 


  1. What a flipping cutie!! I love that you did a whole photoshoot for him :)


  2. i am glad that you guys enjoyed the snow :)

  3. awww so so cute! You did so well with the photos Jane :) I think Snow acts as a huge reflector to the sun so everything is so nice and well lit! I've only experienced snow a handful of times in my life so it's so so magical to me!!!

  4. I'm not a fan of the snow (I blame growing up in Buffalo! haha) but it sure is pretty and always looks magical in photos! Mr. B looks like he liked it! Bosco's not a fan of it anymore! haha

  5. I am a new reader to your blog and must tell you how much I enjoy it! I love these updates and pics of Bartles! He is just precious!

  6. What a good pup. He's handling the snow like a champ (I'd be waiting by the door, ready to go back in)

  7. Hear hear for more camera time indeed:) He's a natural, Jane. Such lovely pics. And I so agree about falling snow being just a great background.
    Hope you're having a great Monday:)

  8. Mr. Bartles took some awesome pictures Jane. He's the perfect model :) I love his sweater and the little jingle bells around his neck. My uncle went to Syracuse University and he always talked about the weather.

  9. He is so perfectly photogenic! The snow does make for a beautiful background.

  10. Mr. Bartles is so cute! I'm been gushing over your pictures on instagram. The jingle bells collar is the cutest thing ever.
    Also, I really really love the way you're handling the loss of Piri. Your heart is so full and big and I love that you're giving it to Bartles now that Piri isn't physically there. (and also the doggies at piri's place seem so happy to stay around!!!)

  11. Oh, Bartles <3 He is such a sweetheart and cutie and I'm sure he enjoyed the snow :)


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