January 5, 2017

I miss this life with you... I like this life with you // 013

"But the children knew, as I am sure you know, that the worst surroundings in the world can be tolerated if the people in them are interesting and kind." -- Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning 


  1. I would imagine that you will never stop missing Piri but I sincerely hope that his loss will become a little less painful for you day by day Jane. Mr Bartles is looking quite comfy in his new home :)

  2. So sad and so happy all in one *big hugs* for going through this all Jane, I hope 2017 has lots of love in store for you and I know it will with Yangkyu and Bartles by your side :)

  3. "Oh Bartles" I love seeing his stoic little face pop up in your pictures now

  4. Jane, I am very sorry for your loss. I loved reading about Piri. I had to break away for a period, because it brought back memories of my dogs. Plus, I've been helping my mom with therapy (she had hip replacement surgery). It was all a bit too much. Sending comfort your way.

  5. I am very sure Piri will never be forgotten, but I also love the pictures that define your life right now!! Lots of hugs <3 <3


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