February 15, 2017

Away we Go: Bavaria, Germany (Pt. 9)

On the last day, day 11, of our trip to Germany we spent the morning shopping at a mall nearby our hotel for some more last minute gifts for family and for us. We bought a few lego kits and Birkenstocks and  afterwards grabbed breakfast at a restaurant, also nearby our hotel, that we've been meaning to eat at since arriving in Munich (every time we passed by we would say, "Oh let's eat here soon" -- it finally happened on the last day). 

We might have ordered a bit too much to eat (we normally eat like birds) but it was so good that we ended up finishing everything on our plates. We tried white sausages for the first time and for me the texture was a bit odd and so I only had a little. Yangkyu loved it though (I think he would go back to Germany just for the sausages - me, I kinda fell in love with their goulash soup).

Thank goodness we read beforehand that you have to peel the casing off of the white sausages because I don't think we would've known that..! While Yangkyu and I had orange juice and coffee with our food everyone else had beer. Beer at like 10 am! (Yangkyu and I don't really drink but we did try a few beers during our trip and Radler was our favorite - because they mix it with sprite! lol).

One of the most impressive and convenient thing during our trip to Germany was their public transportation system. It literally took us everywhere. Getting to the airport was just as easy and was only a 40 minute ride over. 

When we arrived in Munich, the first thing we saw when we walked out the airport was, of course, a Christmas market. We didn't stick around when we arrived and instead we decided to save it for our departure date. We ended up eating some more because it really was going to be the last time to enjoy this experience.

And believe it or not, we ate some more at the airport and did some duty free shopping as well. 

On the night we arrived in Munich, among all the different stalls, we found a candlemaker and among all his expansive creations, we found a little Piri. I don't want to sound like a giant cheeseball, but I took it as a sign that Piri was happy and he was somehow really with us on the trip. 

On the last day of our trip, while sitting inside our plane getting ready for take off, I looked out the window and saw a big beautiful rainbow. It put a smile on my face ... as if Piri was really looking out for us the entire time we were in Germany. It still warms my heart thinking back to seeing this rainbow. It was really the perfect end to our trip. 

We landed at Dulles airport a little past 7 pm. As soon as I turned my phone on, I got a welcome home text from Shone's owner (our former DogVacay client, who I mentioned in my very first post, who made our trip on Lufthansa so great and welcoming). This felt like an icing on the cake on top of that pretty rainbow we saw. I realized how these little gestures can really make a person's day and decided to do more of those too.

Well.. what a wrap up this was.

I still look back on our time in Germany and miss it very much. Yangkyu and I would love to go back to Germany and explore other parts that were too far to go this time around. And while I would love to spend days leading up to Christmas in Germany (because they really know how to Christmas over there), perhaps going in the spring, summer or fall will give it a different feel. 

Thanks for reading along. As I mentioned in my previous post, there were a few more Germany related posts I'd like to get up, so I'll hope you'll come back for those as well. 


  1. I'm glad your trip had such a warm ending and I'm sure it was good to get home, even though you enjoyed your vacation

  2. That rainbow is the nicest sign ever! Awwwww :) Perfect way to finish your trip :) And the candle is so perfect too!

  3. Such a wonderful trip, I've loved reading all your posts from this trip and a little sad it's a wrap now - but I'll surely be back for more :) Happy weekend!


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