February 23, 2017

Bartles's test results

I got a call back from Dr. Klein at Town and Country Animal Hospital yesterday morning with Bartles's latest ACTH stimulation test results (we love Dr. Klein so much and she was so great with Piri and we're so happy that she is looking after Bartles now).

To add to everyone's confusion, his stim test results came back similar to the one he took in December. I let Dr. Klein know that I think Bartles is still drinking a lot (up to 7 times a day) but each time he drinks bowlfuls, something that he's been doing recently and not back in the months of December and January. I also find him shaking a little and hesitating to eat his breakfast in the morning (before he would go up to his dish and just dig right in). 

Dr. Klein wanted to run the stim test one more time just to make sure that the shot to test his cortisol levels was absorbed properly (at free of charge - thank goodness) and we both agreed that we should test his urine for UTI and also do a blood work to see if maybe his kidney levels have been compromised. We may also squeeze in a diabetes test as well. 

Today Bartles had a drinking fest from 11 am to 12 pm but he wasn't drinking as much. This actually looked familiar to back when he was normal - drinking because he was hungry and not because he couldn't quench his thirst. 

Everything is still a mystery and while Bartles looks ok, I just want to make sure.

We bring him back in on Saturday for his tests and Dr. Klein let us know that we don't have to bring him in early like we did on Tuesday where he would have to wait inside a cage. Yay. 

Today Bartles and I had a moment and it made my heart feel so warm and I almost cried. 

While Bartles was exploring the house, he came into the kitchen where I was doing laundry. It was like one of those familiar moments when Piri would find me in there either looking for water, treats or food. But there were times when he wasn't looking for any of those and instead he wanted a good old neck scratch. I always dropped everything I was doing for those moments with Piri. 

Bartles came and smelled my foot and stopped in his tracks. I bent down and began to pet his head. I then went over to his bed in the kitchen and laid my head there and motioned for him to come lay next to me on the yellow rug (which was set up so that he doesn't slip and fall down when he gets out of bed). He waddled over and I tickled his face and pet his head and he nuzzled my face and arms and slowly laid down and fell asleep next to me. It was the strongest bonding moment I had with Bartles since he came home to us. And it warmed my heart incredibly.


  1. What a sweet moment Jane! And to think, your bond with Bartles will only deepen the more you're together :) Don't be so hard on yourself as you guys are still getting used to each other. I'm sure Bartles can sense just how much you care and how hard you're trying to make sure he's happy and comfortable. *hugs*

  2. Aww so incredibly sweet! You won't ever forget that moment.

  3. You described that scene so clearly I can picture it in my head, Jane:) So heart-warming to read it. And I agree with Rowena...Bartles knows for sure what good parents he has:)

  4. You are doing a fantastic job...be sure of that!! xx

  5. Your description warmed my heart. Bartles knows how much you love him. Such a precious baby!

  6. Awwww that is so incredibly sweet Jane xoxo

  7. It sounds like Mr. B is settling in just fine :) Love it


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