February 22, 2017

Flowers from across the rainbow bridge

On Valentine's Day, Yangkyu went out for a little bit to pick up some groceries (and take out because we always do take out on V-Day) and I received a delivery from Farmgirl Flowers.

Inside the box was a beautiful boutique and the card read, "Happy Valentine's Day, my favorite human! -- Piri from far over the rainbow bridge (but paid for by the other favorite human on earth)."

I still cry whenever I see old pictures and videos of Piri or when I see his things, but this made me smile and laugh. I know it sounds completely silly but it really felt like Piri sent over flowers from across the rainbow bridge. And it reminded me all the times when I used to teach him the names of flowers on Instagram (#flowersforpiri). 


  1. Awww, this was such a cute and unexpected gift. I love the idea that Piri sent them to you from over the rainbow. Thank you for sharing and happy belated Valentine's Day.

  2. How beautiful and sweet!! And such lovely flowers!


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