February 3, 2017

Lately at Piri's Place + About Us #3

About Piri's Place #3

We don't wear shoes inside our home. We ask guests to take off their shoes as soon as you step inside our home (wearing shoes in our entryway is ok). We have clean house slippers you can use (during meet and greets) and we also have disposable shoe covers for people who wish not to take off their shoes. 

Find us online at Piri's Place


  1. Love seeing all these happy pups, what a lovely place you have created!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the puppies! I love their activities Jane & sweaters. Your place looks fantastic :D Since remodeling, I purchased shoe covers for guests. It really helps.

  3. These pictures just made me smile so much! What a great collection of photos!!

  4. Everyone looks so comfy cozy, love it

  5. Your guests are always soooooo cute, Jane:) And we do the same thing in our place....no shoes inside. I was thinking....if I had my way, I'd totally make our place Japanese style and have a genkan.:D

  6. I wish I could work at Piri's Place :)


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