March 3, 2017

Congratulations. You are a dog person.

It's March and it's Friday and I am still trying to figure out where I put my head. I think I lost it somewhere between Monday and now.

For the past few days I feel like I've been running around like a zombie or perhaps more like a programmed robot... just going about ticking off things on the task list and at the end of a very long day that involves a lot of cleaning, wiping, feeding, washing dishes (and my hands) and not being able to drink my coffee that I warmed up at least three times throughout the day, I realize that I -- 1. didn't get to shower again and 2. didn't eat a proper meal (yesterday it was microwavable dumplings from Costco and a bag of sour cream potato chips for the win). 

Just yesterday I began to bounce back from this funk (I get into these funks every now and then) and while I went about my day with more human emotions, I still battled with cold coffee and poorly coordinated meals. Alas the life of a dog person (or more like the life of a dog person whose dog is old and sick and has mobility issues and needs more hands on help and who has other dogs to care for and who cares a lot about having a clean home and so wiping and cleaning is an almost hourly thing).

Perhaps today will be a different day. I may have found my head.

I bought this dog charm bracelet a couple of weeks ago from House of Metal Works on Etsy. I have always loved dogs but I have never really been someone who bought dog things until a couple of years ago. Now whenever I see a cute tote bag, jewlery or shirt I have this need to have it.

Congratulations (to me). I am a dog person.

What are you doing over the weekend? 

I have three wonderful dog guests to care for, a crochet blanket to finish (I see the end!), a book to pick up (again) and maybe getting in a couple of episodes of The Returned (I just found this on Netflix and it's intriguing). 

Hope you have a wonderful one. 


  1. Care for others has the ability to really take it out of you, particularly when you're doing such a thorough and careful job, like you are. Don't forget to take care of yourself

  2. I agree with Ruth, Jane..I know it's hard when you're super busy but you gotta take care of yourself too:) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sounds like you won't be bored for sure! :)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful one too! I'm glad you found things you love in between everything else that's going on-and doing things you love doing is so worth it, don't you think? much love xx


  4. I'm glad you have little things to make sure you're looking after yourself too :) :) So much love for others is sometimes a bit (although lovely) responsibility! You're a wonder women!

  5. We always need the little things really, looking after ones self is important. I hope your weekend was bliss x


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