March 11, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday, Bartles!

Today is Bartles' birthday. 

Actually, it's not his real birthday. That date is unknown. Today is the day he was rescued (a year ago) and his first vet related documents listed March 11, 2004 as his birthday. So naturally we decided to celebrate on this day from now on. 

While he was still fast asleep this morning, I made three little party hats and a birthday cake -- boiled sweet potatoes, half of a boiled egg and boiled chicken breast. And when he woke up we had a little party with our Piri's Place guest dogs, Max and Mochi. Everyone had a piece of the cake and it all went down pretty swell. 

Bartles, happiest 13th birthday. Here's to many many more. 


  1. sweet!! Happy Birthday wishes to Bartles x

  2. Happy birthday to this sweet boy! I'm so glad he has a loving family!

  3. Happy Birthday to Bartles! He is so lucky to have you as his family!

  4. Bartles you don't look a year older than 2 :P he he he. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARTLES!!!


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