March 19, 2017

Happy birthday, Piri

If Piri were still alive, he would be have turned 18 today. 

Surprisingly I haven't cried (yet). I almost did but Yangkyu and I were both out and I fought back my tears. I have been looking back at all the pictures from Piri's birthdays past and it brought back so many warm memories (I only have them from his 11th birthday because I didn't have a digital camera until then). 

Piri, I hope you have a great birthday with all your friends across the rainbow bridge. I miss you. I love you. 

11th birthday (2010)
Rego Park, NY 
 // Piri snatched his birthday patty up quickly, in whole, and I couldn't take it back to chop it up in little bite sized pieces. I got so worried he would choke on it. He held on to it and literally gulped it down. 

12th birthday (2011)
Silver Spring, MD
 // Piri's first birthday in our new place in Silver Spring. We bought these birthday treats at a quirky pet shop in DC and got him a monkey toy as well. He shredded the toy up and we ended up throwing it out. I wish I kept all of his toys. 

13th birthday (2012)
Silver Spring, MD
 // Those candles. This time I made sure to make his patty into little meatballs because I didn't want a repeat of his 11th birthday. Piri was also aging so gracefully.. we really thought he would live to be over 20. 

14th birthday (2013)
Fairfax, VA
 // It was the first year when I made him a cake myself. I used sweet potatoes and decorated with his treats. 

15th birthday (2014)
Fairfax, VA
 // Along with a birthday cake, I made him a party hat too. His cake this year was meat ball cake! His expression looks as if he's saying, "why are you putting my food on fire?!"

16th birthday (2015)
Centreville, VA
 // It was his first birthday after being diagnosed with kidney disease. He would slowly become sicker. His cake -- sweet potato with carrots and chicken and his favorite cookie on top. We also took him to Pet Valu where I got him a huge lamb chop doll and told anyone who would listen, "He is 16 today!" 

17th birthday (2016)
Centreville, VA
 // His last birthday with us. By this time, Piri also was fighting cancer. Piri had lost his appetite and wasn't eating for a few days. I made him a sweet potato and chicken cake and he ate half of it. I was so happy. I also got him two more toys this year - almost as big as lamb chop from the year before. They now sit on the futon in Yangkyu's office. He wanted to have it in there to remember Piri by. I saw him napping one time while holding on to them.  

I miss you Piri boo. 
Happy birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Piri! He must be having a lovely party with his friends across the rainbow bridge.

    The eczema probably dried out your eye area. If you have no problem with dairy and it comes back, I would suggest doing cold whole milk compresses over the area after washing your face. It will gently hydrate the area and also help with any redness and itching. My mom taught me to do that with the eczema patches I sometimes get on my elbows and it works really well. I hope that primer will work out for you :)

  2. All these stories are so sweet, the cakes you made and all your effort is so beautiful oh and lol at the "food on fire" comment :P Happy Birthday Piri :)

  3. Happy birthday Piri dear - we're always thinking about you

  4. Happy birthday sweet angel!! Jane, I love these pics and so many remind me of Bosco! I have also been looking through old pics and I really wish I would've used my camera more (pre-iphone days).... now my phone gallery is about 98% Bosco lol


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