June 14, 2017

A little Wednesday Bartles for you + "The Heartbreak We Choose"

Mr. Bartles says Happy Hump Day everybody! 

Also, make sure you have a tissue handy. I came across this piece titled "The Heartbreak We Choose" yesterday (piece is written beginning of this year) about caring for senior pets. It moved me so much and was so relatable, although I did not ever have to help a pet cross over (Piri died in his sleep and Bobby, my childhood cocker, died in a car accident).

But no death is easy - no matter how they cross, the experiences are hard - and caring for them until the very end is just as heart wrenching with sacrifices beyond measure. But being the receiver of their unconditional love until that very last moment is so very worth it.

The piece is here if you would like to read.

PS -- When Piri crossed the rainbow bridge, I had many people reach out to send their love and condolences. The messages all came from the right place, meant to help heal a terribly shattered heart. But messages that included the words "at least" broke my heart more and didn't make me feel very good. At least you got to spend 17 years with him. At least he died at home on his favorite blanket. At least you didn't have to put him down. At least you were able to put him through expensive treatments. As this video puts it, the words "at least" puts a silver lining to something dark someone just shared. I know we were lucky in many ways, but that didn't make Piri dying easier. 

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