July 27, 2017

Getting to know Lady + some of her favorite things

This Saturday will be 3 weeks since Lady coming home to us and every day we see her get even more comfortable with her new surroundings and make this place her home. 

I mentioned that Lady likes to chase squirrels, salamanders, rabbits and chipmunks. She'll see them and her ears will perk up right away and go after them. The other night I also learned that Lady likes to chase planes. We were out in our yard and a few flew over our home and she playful hopped forward chasing it with her head up staring at the sky and her tail wagging (her tail is always happy). Lady hardly barks but this time she did and ended up leading all our guest dogs in a round of woofs, although I don't think they really knew why they were barking (they're not really plane chasers).

When it's time to brush her teeth and clean her ears, she runs away, but manages to do just fine when  Yangkyu holds her and I brush and clean. Lady by the way has really clean ears, which is shocking for me because Piri and Bartles always had discharge in their ears. 

When it comes to grooming her paws, she is an angel. She is also an angel during bath time and doesn't have the crazy zoomies afterwards, nor does she try to dry herself on our sheets or carpet. But when she is let out while still wet she will dry herself on the grass. I had to carry her inside afraid that she would get dirty all over again. 

Lady is a little food aggressive. I was helping move things around in her bowl so she wouldn't have such a hard time picking it up and she let out a small growl. She also snapped at one of the guest dogs during treat time. 

It has been a little tricky with guest dogs as Lady doesn't like to have her personal space intruded when she is lying down. When she sees a dog approach, she'll growl and let them know to stay away. If a dog happens to touch her while coming from behind, she lunges at them and tries to bite. She can't hear and so she doesn't know that they're coming from behind and so I think it startles her. Lady's reactions are not aggressive but it caught us off guard in the beginning because we never really had a dog that did this. But we have gotten so much better and we see that every day she is getting better as well, even when dogs come up behind her she is ok. She's learning, just as we are, about each other, about this new space of ours and all the friends who come here.

Lady is currently on medicine for her incontinence. It's called Proin and Piri used to be on it when he became incontinent after his neuter surgery, which he got late (at 7 years old). His surgery ended up being a not so great one and had to be rushed to the ER to recover and soon afterwards he developed incontinence. He was on Proin for a number of years and when he was diagnosed with kidney disease our vet wanted to take him off of the medication to relieve his organs. He ended up doing ok and thankfully didn't have any leaks. 

Lady takes three tablets a day but we have tried to give her just two for the past week and a half, and she has had only two small leaks since. We give her one in the morning and one right before bed and at 6 pm we give her a bladder supplement from VetriScience. It doesn't smell that great and giving it to her has been a challenge but we are able to mask the smell with wet food. We just wrap it inside this pill masker or pill pockets and she gobbles it up. Although after writing this, she did try to just lick up the wet food and not take the pill pocket. She gets smarter every day. 

We also found that pill treats work very well for Lady too although we haven't tried giving her the supplements with them, just Proin. It's hard and so she isn't able to spit the medicine out. I think it also tastes like Bacon.

Lady isn't really into toys - just cuddle time, neck scratches, treats and food. 

Currently she gets a home cooked meal twice a day. We have been rotating between boiled chicken, boiled pork, salmon and cod with vegetables and boiled sweet potato. I add a freeze dried topper from either Stella and Chewy's or Wysong and also some bone broth from The Honest Kitchen and she has been eating very well. Although... after a taste of Fromm and Weruva wet food to eat her medicine with, she sometimes will wait a few moments after I give her food to see if something better might be served. She really is a clever girl.  

Since we've been having guest dogs I don't do her Orijen Senior dry food on a free feeding basis (some dogs that come here are on a strict diet) and so instead I've been just giving her 1/3 cup with some Stella and Chewy toppings around noon and she eats that well, too. 

For the past week, I've been also giving her little pieces of raw food - Steve's Real Food, and she loves it and has been digesting it well. I am currently thinking of either incorporating it fully to her meal rotation (I've been just giving it to her like a treat -  just a couple of morsels at a time) or switching over to raw completely. 

Lady hasn't been really using the doggy beds. She prefers the floor or carpet. She also doesn't stay on top of the sofa for too long. I am not sure if it's because it's too hot for her. 

Yangkyu wants to give her a summer cut. With Piri and Bartles I never had a hesitation to shave them down and they always sported short cuts, but for some reason I can't picture Lady with a short do (although she did have it when she was rescued - she was found in a matted state). I said, "She's a girl! She needs her fur!" I didn't know I could sound so old fashioned.

Right now Lady is sleeping right next to me. Piri for a long time had always wanted to be with me and only wanted to go on walks with me, but during the last couple of years of his life, Yangkyu was his life. He was always by his side. I would bathe him, clean his ears, brush his teeth, give him his food, treats and medicine, take him out to pee and potty and wipe him and then after all that he would make his ways upstairs to be with Yangkyu. Bartles too it seemed liked Yangkyu's company more. Perhaps they were a guy's guy. So I like to say that Lady is still my girl. She likes to stick by me and follow me around, although she likes to give everyone kisses and a happy tail wag too. She even gave it to the UPS guy that came to drop off a delivery yesterday.

Lady will go for her first vet visit for a physical examination on August 2. We have been contemplating on switching vets for her and going to a place where OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue has an established relationship with, but we will likely go back to Dr. Klein who looked after Piri and Bartles. 

I took these photos of Lady yesterday. It reminded me so much of Bartles, whom I did a first photo shoot with on a snowy winter day. With Lady is was a sunny summer day. And now I think I will always associate summers with Lady. 

Lady's daily supplements

Lady's Commercial Dog Food


  1. I love her coat - it looks so super soft. Let us know if you end up doing a buzz cut on her!

  2. awww so cute getting to discover all her little quirks what a sweetie!!

  3. Hi Lady! You're so adorable! :-D


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