August 15, 2017

A new bed

This was us for about a month. Sleeping on the floor on top of our flimsy full sized IKEA mattress.

I had been sleeping on our couch from December to July when Bartles was with us. He got up at night time to pee and go potty and I wanted to be there so that he wouldn't get into a pickle. I didn't want to disturb Yangkyu during weekdays when he needed to go to work and so it was Bartles and me downstairs. During weekends or days when Yangkyu worked from home, he joined me downstairs, but couch life was a bit tough for Yangkyu and so during the last couple of months before Bartles crossed the rainbow bridge, Yangkyu slept mostly upstairs on the bed. For me, even a couple of days after Bartles passed, I slept downstairs. 

A few days after I finally made my way up to sleep in our bedroom, on our bed for the first time in a long time, our bed frame broke. This bed we had since we got married in 2009, the bed that started in NY then made its way over to Silver Spring (MD), Fairfax (VA) and now Centreville, finally gave out. 

We contemplated on a new bed to buy and took a while to mull over it (because we wanted to buy something a bit better than IKEA). Also, our budget wasn't doing too well (had gone over a bit) and so we thought to go on a spending freeze until we could balance it out. But then I started to develop morning back aches and it was really time to just get us a new bed.

We ultimately went with Casper. We bought their Queen sized mattress, foundation and metal frame. And we love it. Miraculously, I woke up without morning backaches and have been getting sound sleep. It's a bit high, which we are not used to. We always had low furniture so that it would be easy for Piri to get on and off of them. The height also makes our room a bit smaller but we'll get used to all that, I'm sure. 

I'm looking to add a nicer comforter and a quilt too and we both thought to try the Casper pillow next . (they also have dog beds!)


  1. I find trouble finding good pillows and mattress over here! When I first moved in to Singapore, I couldn't believe how expensive stuffs that I thought wouldn't be expensive over here (pillows, mattress - are some of them). We also struggled on the bed size. I had a single bed (that is smaller than single bed size I've known my whole life) - and when we finally moved on to queen size, it really changed my life! I hope your back ache is better now, Jane/

  2. I definitely need to save up and invest in a quality mattress, sleep (good sleep!) is definitely so important :) Oddly enough the thin mattress we slept on, during our compervan Japan road trip left my back feeling the best ever - I did even ask the van owner the brand of the mattress but I couldn't track down a place to buy it - ha! The lengths you go to for a mattress :P

  3. Yay to a new bed! Seriously a game changer in your every day life. What bed frame did you guys end up with?

  4. A new bed can really make a difference when it comes to restful sleep. Enjoy! We probably would've looked into Casper if we didn't already have a Tempurpedic. Memory foam is so comfy!


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